Dominic Lincoln works with his student during the tutoring hour.

Volunteers power Leap Frog’s success. These are opportunities to become involved in our program. Whether you’re a college student looking for ways to connect with the community or a community member looking to advance an educational mission, we have a volunteer opportunity for you.

Lead Volunteers

Lead volunteers help our staff manage the daily service delivery. As a Lead Volunteer, you will help set up each day and will help tutors work through instructional issues. You are supported by our staff. Most Lead Volunteers are seasoned Leap Frog tutors who have been asked to take on these additional responsibilities. With our move to a new location, our lead volunteer role is being revamped. For a basic description of this role, click here.


Tutors work directly with students on reading and literacy. Each volunteer commits to consistent attendance two days each week for the semester. Community members are welcome. For more details, visit our job descriptions.

Enrichment Volunteers

Cooperative play and learning through play opportunities are vital to the well-being of young students. Following tutoring, students will have an opportunity to participate in supervised play time or in guided active learning. For example, some of the active learning we provide includes yoga and art in partnership with the University Museum of Art and the Travelling Trunks program. To learn more about volunteering for enrichment opportunities, click here.

Board of Directors

Board of Directors members are community leaders dedicated to securing Leap Frog’s future. Members participate in fundraising events, strategic planning, and financial oversight. A three-year commitment is needed. For more information, click here.