The Leap Frog Program of Oxford is a 100% privately funded. We provide free after-school literacy tutoring for local first- through third-graders. Because of our small budget, we rely on volunteers to provide services.

Leap Frog students participated in the 2019 Christmas Parade from Ole Miss, through the Square and ending in Uptown.

Our Mission & Vision

Leap Frog prepares students for the future by utilizing resources in the Lafayette-Oxford- University (LOU) communities to offer diverse learning opportunities in reading for early elementary students to become confident lifelong learners.

Our History

Leap Frog started as a community-driven project and remains so 30 years later. Since we partner with local schools and community organizations, we deliver a program tailored to community needs.

Meet Our Staff

Leap Frog is agile and lean, with only one staff member providing day-to-day leadership for the program. Meet her:

Whitney Sweeney, Executive Director

Review Financials

As a community-based organization, Leap Frog believes in providing transparency and accountability to those it serves and its benefactors.