Job Description

The tole of Leap Frog board members is to provide guidance and service to Leap Frog. Board members are expected to actively participate in the high-level leadership of the organization and in fund-raising for Leap Frog. Each board member is expected to attend an after-school tutoring session to understand the process and service delivery. Members serve a three-year term, with each term beginning in August.

Leap Frog board members are expected to attend all monthly meetings, held August through May on the third Monday of the month. Missing two or more meetings will disqualify an individual from serving. Those who are invited to join the board will meet with a board member prior to nomination and election to fully discuss board roles and responsibilities.

Nomination & Election

Current board members typically nominate future board members. Nominees typically have expressed an interest in joining the board and have capacity to actively participate and contribute to advancing the Leap Frog mission.

Members are brought before the board for consideration and voted on by the full board in the spring. New members begin their term in August and terms are completed in May.

Meeting Schedule

The Leap Frog Board of Directors currently meetings in the evening on the third Monday of each month from August through May, in keeping with Leap Frog’s service schedule.