Thank you for volunteering for Leap Frog during COVID. We know this is not the experience we usually offer you or our students. However, it is important to provide the consistency of Leap Frog and the mentoring your offer to as many of our students as possible. We’ve put together a video overview for this semester.

This page provides resources for tutors and parents/caregivers to use with their Leap Frog student. If you have questions about these resources or how to use them, please click here to send a message. We are not always able to provide immediate assistance, but strive to respond within two business days.

Session Feedback Form

Please complete the session feedback form immediately following each tutoring session. This form accomplishes several things – tracking your hours, tracking student rewards (STICKERS!), and helps us understand student progress and let’s us know if a student may need additional help we are unable to provide.

As in face-to-face tutoring, students may be awarded up to five stickers per tutoring session. Students will be able to trade in their stickers during open office hours on select Saturdays throughout the semester. At these events, student also will be able to pick up enrichment supplies and books for reading. These days will be announced to caregivers. Entry to these events will be timed to limit the number of people gathered.

Sight Words

Helping your student learn their sight words will be a big part of each tutoring session. Sight words are designated by grade level. Be sure to start with the grade level appropriate for your student. Remember, sight words are to be memorized, so not sound them out. Students are supposed to recognize them on sight.

Below are links to Quizlet flash cards of each set of sight cards. To use, click on the appropriate link and then share your screen with your student.

First Grade

Second Grade

Third Grade

You also can find games and other resources can be found on the Dolch sight words site.

Traveling Trunks Enrichment Activities

These videos were created by our partners at The University of Mississippi Museum for our Leap Frog students. Enrichment activities will be scheduled throughout the year. Students can get new materials and supplies at the Open Saturdays that will be held throughout the semester.

Project 1 – Folk Art

Project 2 – Book Art

Project 3 – Fiber Art

Project 4 – Theora Hamblett

Project 5 – Art and Science

Project 6 – Greek and Roman

Thanks to our friends at the Museum for all their efforts and support of Leap Frog students! Please support UM Museum programming and activities when you can.